Educational resources

Free pet activites and classes available to everyone who loves pets

For over ten years, Wood Green have been supporting communities, schools and families by hosting pet workshops and classes, sharing pet advice guides and developing fun activities for pets and their owners.

School workshops for 2021/22

Our workshops and classes are designed for schools, but can be enjoyed by anyone. If your school is in Cambridgeshire, we can visit you to host a live event. If not, we have workshops we can host virtually via Microsoft Teams. Get in touch to arrange an event with us


Animals in schools

Explore our easy-to-follow guide on keeping pets healthy and happy in an education setting.

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Let’s talk about pets... as a family

Our fun, family booklets are great for discovering more about pets – and they’re easy to print out too!

Fun pet activities

If you have children who love pets, these fun pet activities will be sure to entertain them, with the added bonus of learning at the same time! Even if you have no pets in the home, there’s still plenty to get hands-on with.


Make Henry Hamster a happy home

Our fun and interactive parent-led sessions are perfect for families who love animals. Just download the activity, print the plan and have lots of fun meeting Henry and Wiggles.

Download the activity here


Download the plan

Dog safety detectives

Help yor child become a dog safety detective for the day. Download the presentation, print the plan and have lots of fun!

Download the activity here

Download the plan

Staying safe around dogs

Help your child learn about keeping safe around dogs with this fun activity.

Download the activity here

Download the plan

Let's talk about... pet fact sheets

Find out more about some of the animals we care for with our family-friendly pet fact sheets.

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Happy Dog, Happy Home

Looking for advice on how to keep children and dogs happy together in the home?

Our new animated video can help! Watch it now for tips on understanding dogs’ behaviour and staying safe around them. It’s not only educational, it’s fun too!


Fun rabbit animations

Meet Nibbles, star of five fun animations, who shares some great ideas for keeping him and his rabbit friends healthy and happy.

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Make your own origami dog

Looking for something to build while at home? Our origami pets are a fun project for both adults and children!

Why not try an origami guinea pig too?

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Make your own origami cat

All you need is paper, scissors and some colouring pencils to get started.

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Chicken colouring sheet

Chickens LOVE the company of other hens and a cockerel, it makes them feel happy and safe so be sure to colour them all so they can keep each other company. Have fun!

Download colouring sheet

Make your own origami rabbits

All you need is some paper, scissors and colouring pencils to get started!

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Homeless animals need your support

We rely on the kindness and generosity of our amazing supporters to care for animals at Wood Green. We've got lots of ideas of how you can get involved and lend your support.

How you can help

Ways you can help

Whilst we can only offer volunteering roles to individuals over 16 years old, there is still plenty that younger supporters can do to make a difference for the animals in our care.

Our animals love playing with homemade toys and snoozing on comfy blankets, which all help make their stay that bit more comfortable. If you would like to get involved and get crafty, here are some ideas:

Braided dog toy Reuse old blankets and towels




Crackers for rats Delicous treats for little pets



Rope ladders For our small animal cages



Cat kickeroos For cats to kick about




Want to work for Wood Green?

Working for an animal charity is hugely rewarding, especially if you love pets! To find out more about current vacancies, click here.

Get an insight into some of the roles at Wood Green by clicking here .